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Etude D'Impact(s)
etude d'impact(s)
Language: english
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Étude D'Impact Sur L'Environnement Environmental Impact Study
Étude d'impact sur l'environnement environmental impact study
Strateco Resources intends to apply to the CNSC for a licence to conduct advanced exploration from an underground development at the Matoush uranium prospect site in central Quebec. A screening level air quality assessment was undertaken to evaluate the effects that activities associated with the exploration phase of the proposed Matoush Project on radon-222, airborne dust and metals (e.g. arsenic, molybdenum, nickel, selenium and zinc)), as well as, conventional pollutants (NOx and SO2) levels in the .

Language: english
PDF pages: 509, PDF size: 48.89 MB
Etude L'Impact Des Variations Process Sur Les Circuits Numériques
etude l'impact des variations process sur les circuits numériques
Language: english
PDF pages: 209, PDF size: 1.97 MB
Etude L'Impact Des Valeurs Pression Intracranienne Rero Doc
etude l'impact des valeurs pression intracranienne rero doc
1. INTRODUCTIONANATOMIC REVIEW The brain and its envelopes The ventricular system The cerebrospinal fluid The vasculature of the brainPHYSIOPATHOLOGY OF THE INTRACRANIAL PRESSURE AND CEREBRAL PERFUSION PRESSURE The intracranial pressure The cerebral perfusion pressureCEREBRAL METABOLISM Compensatory mechanisms Brain autoregulation Influence of PaCO2 on cerebral blood flow Influence of PaO2 on cerebral blood flow Neural influence on cerebral blood flowCLINICAL FEATURES OF RAISED INTRACRANIAL PRESSURE .

Language: english
PDF pages: 75, PDF size: 1.65 MB
Etude D'Impact Preliminaire Sur L'Environnement
etude d'impact preliminaire sur l'environnement
. international best practices to minimize any adverse environmental and social impacts, and that the development outcomes of the project will deliver.

Language: english
PDF pages: 25, PDF size: 0.76 MB
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