2005 Kawasaki Klf 250a Bayou Manual

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2005 Cadillac Escalade Ext Owner Manual
2005 cadillac escalade ext owner manual
A pregnant woman should wear a lap-shoulder belt, and the lap portion should be worn as low as possible, below the rounding, throughout the pregnancy. Rear passengers who are not safety belted can be thrown out of the vehicle in a crash. And they can strike others in the vehicle who are wearing safety belts.

Language: english
PDF pages: 460, PDF size: 3.07 MB
2005 Cadillac Srx Free Shop Manual
2005 cadillac srx free shop manual
. itself or in a booklet, or both, and to this manual. The child restraint instructions are important, so if they are.

Language: english
PDF pages: 443, PDF size: 2.6 MB
2005 Cadillac Xlr Free Shop Manual
2005 cadillac xlr free shop manual
A child in a rear-facing child restraint can be seriously injured or killed if the passenger’s airbag inflates. This is because the back of the rear-facing child restraint would be very close to the inflating airbag. Do not use a rear-facing child restraint in this vehicle unless the passenger’s airbag has been turned off. Even though the airbag off switch is designed to turn off the passenger’s airbags under certain conditions, no system is fail-safe, and no one can guarantee that an airbag will not deploy .

Language: english
PDF pages: 439, PDF size: 3.79 MB
2005 Cadillac Sts Free Shop Manual
2005 cadillac sts free shop manual
When installed on a shoulder belt, the comfort guide better positions the belt away from the neck and head. There is one guide for each outside passenger position in the rear seat. To provide added safety belt comfort for children who have outgrown child restraints and booster seats and for smaller adults, the comfort guides may be installed on the shoulder belts. Here is how to install a comfort guide and use the safety belt:Pull the elastic cord out from between the edge of the seatback and the interior .

Language: english
PDF pages: 439, PDF size: 2.66 MB
2005 Gmc Canyon Free Shop Manual
2005 gmc canyon free shop manual
A safety belt that is improperly routed, not properly attached, or twisted will not provide the protection needed in a crash. The person wearing the belt could be seriously injured. After raising the rear seatback, always check to be sure that the safety belts are properly routed and attached, and are not twisted. To return the seatback to the upright position, do the following:Lift the seatback up and push it back into place.Reconnect the center safety belt latch plate to the buckle.Make sure the seatback.

Language: english
PDF pages: 421, PDF size: 2.73 MB
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