Aaker, D.a (1991), Managing Brand Equity; Capitalizing On The Value Of Brand Name

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References Aaker, David A. (1991), Managing Brand Equity, San
references aaker, david a. (1991), managing brand equity, san
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67 Bibilography Aaker, D.a. (1991),”managing Brand Equity
67 bibilography aaker, d.a. (1991),”managing brand equity
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Managing Brand Equity Capitalizing The Value Brand Name
managing brand equity capitalizing the value brand name
. Bounce, 5 Bounty, 5 Brand associatmns, 1622, 28, 30, 42, 269, 270, 27%273 brand extensions and, 209-212 brand name a d , 191.-118 life-styles/persondity, 114, 115, 126 maintaining, 17%176 managing disasters, 176179 product attributes, 114116 product class, 114, 115, 126127.

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Managing The Risks Of An International Brand Name
managing the risks of an international brand name
.Managing the risks of an international brand name Master thesis 950.000), there is a possibility to set . which the pavement quality benefits. The risk management methodology provides four different tools to manage risks, which are: avoid, decrease, transfer and. with the risk of getting bad publicity on the Sealoflex brand name, caused by premature failure of pavements built with the product.; Avoid the risk by selling the product under a different brand name within high risk factor projects; Decrease the risk by learning.

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Valuing Brand Names Flexibility - Dealing With Intangibles
valuing brand names flexibility - dealing with intangibles
. of the market values of these firms comes from these intangible assets; there is evidence, for instance, that brand name alone may explain more than half of the value in many consumer product companies. Finally, the failure to value these intangible assets distorts both accounting measures of profitability such as return on equity and capital and market measures of value such. be in excess of $ 1 trillion in 2000 and the capitalized value of these intangible assets to be in excess of $ 6.

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