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Name: Ismail Abd El-Shafy Abd El-Hamid Faculty: Science Dept
name: ismail abd el-shafy abd el-hamid faculty: science dept
In this thesis a variety of novel approaches to polyfunctionally substituted pyridazines could be achieved through utility of simple readily obtainable intermediate. In the first part a novel Michael addition reaction of pyruvaldehyde-1arylhydrazones with α,β-unsaturated nitriles, took place and led to 1,4dihydropyridazine-6-amine derivatives. The structure of the reaction products could be established with certainty through inspection of spectral data as well as X-ray. In the second part a new simple .

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Logical Necessities In Mixed Equations By Abd Al-Hamîd Ibn Turk
logical necessities in mixed equations by abd al-hamîd ibn turk
From these details one gains the impression that B was copied from A, or, at least, that they are very closely related. The alternative that B may not be a mere copy of A is supported especially by their difference from the standpoint of diacritical marks and the slightly different manner in which their figures are lettered. Manuscript A contains but few dots, while in B the letters are dotted in an almost complete manner. In a few cases the dotting of verbs as found in B are clearly incorrect, as may be .

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Abd El-Wahab Thesis-Tiho Stiftung Tierärztliche Hochschule
abd el-wahab thesis-tiho stiftung tierärztliche hochschule
The type of litter appears to have a marked effect on the incidence of FPD in turkeys (HESTER et al. 1997). Bedding materials with sharp edges (large particle size wood chips, chopped straw, etc.) may contribute to FPD by opening small puncture wounds on the foot pad which can lead to entry of bacteria and probably to FPD (BILGILI 2009). Therefore, the effects of litter material on FPD are thought to be due to either the physical structure (hard or soft) or the water-binding capacity (high or low) of the .

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Abd El-Naim, M. (1995). Re-Use Of Treated Waste Water In
abd el-naim, m. (1995). re-use of treated waste water in
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Abd El-Fatah S40 A365 Abe S63 A590 Abidin S53 A509 Abre
abd el-fatah s40 a365 abe s63 a590 abidin s53 a509 abre
GE Brown M Brown R Brown R

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