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Área Temática: Administração Geral. Entrepreneurship In Brazil
Área temática: administração geral. entrepreneurship in brazil
. a 187 estudantes de último ano de uma Faculdade de Administração da região do ABC paulista, tendo-se verificado que apenas.

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Temas Administração Pública, Araraquara, V.4, N.5 Unesp
temas administração pública, araraquara, v.4, n.5 unesp
ABSTRACT: Until the 1980s it seemed very unlikely that a leftist political participation approach could be considered a good practice of local government and supported with studies and material by an international institution like the World Bank. But this was exactly what happened with the Participatory Budget of Porto Alegre, Brazil, in the following two decades. Suddenly, neoliberal New Public Management and the call for more direct citizen control of democratic procedures of the new left in Latin .

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Por Uma Administração Pública Tempo Real
por uma administração pública tempo real
The IDA Programme pioneered the use of IT in public administrations and facilitated the transition from paper-based to electronic exchanges across Europe. • 1994: A Council Resolution underlines the need for enhanced synergies between European and national information systems • 1995: The IDA Programme is established with a Community Decision, with a primary objective of setting up IT empowered networks for information exchanges in the different community policy areas. • 1999: IDA II Programme until the .

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Qualidade Das Finanças Públicas E Modernização Da Administração
qualidade das finanças públicas e modernização da administração
Programme seeking a structural reduction in the payment periods to suppliers by public entities. Including measures such as monitoring and publication of average payment periods to suppliers; the establishment of objectives for payment periods to suppliers and the creation of incentives associated with the degree of compliance with the objectives; implementation of improved operations for speeding up payment processes to suppliers; the creation of debt replacement mechanisms for suppliers of medium and .

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Fundação Getulio Vargas Escola Brasileira De Administração Pública
fundação getulio vargas escola brasileira de administração pública
With  more  and  more  business  being  done  between  Brazil  and  Norway  we  are   seeing  an  increasing  number  of  expatriates  from  Norway  moving  to  Brazil  to   work.  Most  are  related  to  the  oil  and  gas  industries.  With  the  two  cultures,   countries  and  backgrounds  being  so  different  what  are  some  of  the  issues  and   challenges  that  arise?   Using  existing  literature  as  well  as  face-­‐to-­‐face  interviews  of  Norwegian   expatriates  working  in  Rio  de  .

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