American Headway 3 Teachers´book

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* Extending the Vocabulary: • Some of the vocabulary words introduced may be new to your students. Words like triathlon, expedition and boulders may be difficult for them to understand and remember. • Try creating a picture map with your students so that they can associate the words with a photograph or picture. Bring in magazines that contain photographs of various extreme sports, allow students to work in groups to find pictures/photographs that represent the new vocabulary words. Or ask students to draw.

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American Stories Through Song-Book
american stories through song-book
Distribute copies of the lyrics for students to follow along with the words. Then complete the activities on the next page. Activity: • Describe the mood of the song. What is the main idea expressed in the song? • Make a list of vocabulary contained in the song that is mentioned in the unit opener background information • Have students read the song lyrics to "Talkin' Bust Bowl Blues" and I Ain't Got No Home in this World Anymore" Pair-share the students (two together) Ask students to choose.

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abstracts water 3
Language: english
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