Analisi Studi Kelayakan Bisnis Pada Hotel

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Study Spillover Effects Multiple Hotel Brand
study spillover effects multiple hotel brand
Specifically, vertical line extension can be extended either above (called step-up extension) or below (called step-down extension) the parent brand’s current position (Kim, Lavack, & Smith, 2001). American Express Platinum is an example of a step-up extension by American Express (Lei et al., 2008). The Courtyard by Marriott is an example of a step-down extension by Marriott (Jiang, Dev, & Rao, 2002). According to Kirmani, Sood, and Bridges (1999), the goal of stretching the brand into the .

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Study Assess The Requirement Hotel Rooms Ministry Tourism
study assess the requirement hotel rooms ministry tourism
. on the background on which the study was conducted. The need that had for conducting the study, the objective, scope of work and deliverables for which the study was conducted. In simpler words, this chapter presents the background for the study The Need for the Study The year 2004-05 saw tourism emerging as.

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Study The Globalization Strategy Hotel
study the globalization strategy hotel
. world’s leading hotel chains and brands. Based on descriptive research and case studies of the international and domestic hotel industry, this thesis suggests appropriate globalization strategies for Korean hotel companies for future growth in the face of global mega-competition. Korean hotel companies should strengthen their position in both the domestic and. the basis of clear and appropriate visions and strategies. Korean hotel companies need to build global brands, improve their image, and.

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Studi Kelayakan Pengembangan Kawasan Pps Nizam Zachman Sebagai
studi kelayakan pengembangan kawasan pps nizam zachman sebagai
 The reason for the ocean/maritime sector to be a leading sector in national economic development: a) The capacity of supply is large and the demand continues to rise b) Generally, the output can be exported with input from local resources while maintaining sustainability on local development -> pro-environment c) Generate the large economic activities from upstream and downstream  pro job, pro growth, and pro poor  Need the concept of national development for archipilagic state that is able to .

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Analisis Pengaruh Faktor-Faktor Kepuasan Kerja Karyawan Pada Hotel
analisis pengaruh faktor-faktor kepuasan kerja karyawan pada hotel
., imbalan, kondisi kerja, dan rekan kerja terhadap kepuasan kerja karyawan pada Hotel Inna di Parapat, 2). Sejauhmana pengaruh keragaman ketrampilan, identitas tugas. secara umum dengan menggunakan metode statistik, sedangkan metode statistik dalam analisis data adalah teknik regresi linier berganda.

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