Analisis Deret Waktu Dengan Model Regresi

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Analisis Pengukuran Kinerja Dengan Metode Balanced Scorecard
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Stability Analisis Of Some Population Models
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.Some trajectories of delay logistic model with several values of H Some trajectories of delay logistic model with several values of H.

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Brief Analisys Of The Jda Model Psc
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Oil and gas operations may be carried out under concessions, leases, or contracts granted by the Government (or any other competent body). The legal framework of such arrangements are established by the Constitution, the laws and regulations, and, in some cases, negotiated in a case-by-case basis following either direct negotiations or competitive bids. Production sharing contracts (PSCs) are among the most common types of contractual arrangements for petroleum exploration and development1. Historically, .

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Analisis Kausalitas Antara Investasi Dengan Pertumbuhan Ekonomi
analisis kausalitas antara investasi dengan pertumbuhan ekonomi
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