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análisis numérico cómputo cient´ıfico
There is extensive literature on equations of the second kind, but literature on linear equations of the first kind is sparse. However, several, methods for solving equations of the first kind numerically have been proposed [1-10]. No method has been v e r y successful for arbitrary kernels when the function g(x) is known with only modest accuracy. T h e reason for this is inherent in the equation itself. T h i n k of the equation as a linear operator, operating on f(y) to produce g(x). This operator does.

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richard simorangkir analisis produktivitas tenaga kerja dan
The data to complete this research is using and evaluating time series data, they are collected through several resourches and data publication. The time series data evaluated by using a few of formula so that the result will show comparation or frekwensi of labour demand periode by periode. The data analyzed by using labour productivity analyzing method, elasticity of working opportunity and labour growth analyze with compound interest. The research result shows that there are five main sector and their .

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some institutional problematics of excess burden analytics richard
. institutional frameworks within which fiscal outcomes emerge. The conventional excess burden analytics transpose results from individual experiments where they do apply. experiments where they do not apply. In many respects, excess burden is like a grin without a cat, to borrow from.

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