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.YAEL SELA Anna Magdalena Bach has long fascinated musicologists and historians. Magdalena, Johann Sebastian‟s second wife, was her husband‟s loyal . own right.1 Other than several personal and family documents, Magdalena‟s two Klavierbüchlein of 1722 and 1725 are among the. the place of music in the domestic life of the Bach household, revealing how it was compiled and used, and giving. and scribing skills as well as the musical taste of Bach‟s second wife. Yet little attention has been paid to.

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. the stage of maturity the musical work had reached when Anna was called upon for help, to name but two. And. picture of Anna as copyist may emerge. In this paper, I shall first discuss our sources, Anna’s copies of Bach’s works. bring to our studies of Bach’s life and works. The extant scores of Bach’s works in Anna’s hand are listed.

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