Aplikasi Elektronika Daya Manual

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Elektronika Daya Itb
elektronika daya itb
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Daya Bay Offline Software User Manual December 20, 2012
daya bay offline software user manual december 20, 2012
Configuring Particle Histories The hierarchy of the history is built by specifying selection rules for the tracks and the vertices. Only those that pass the rules will be included. By default, only primary tracks are saved. Here are some examples of a track selection: # Make tracks for everything that’s not an optical photon: trackSelection = "pdg != 20022" # Or, make tracks only for things that start # in the GD scintillator and have an energy > 1Mev trackSelection = "(MaterialName == ’/.

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Daya Bay Rpc Gas System User'S Manual Physics Princeton
daya bay rpc gas system user's manual physics princeton
. mass flow controllers. The following test results are obtained with Daya Bay gas mixture. Since isobutane is a flammable gas, its.

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Manual Sm3300 Ethernet Sequencer Delta Elektronika
manual sm3300 ethernet sequencer delta elektronika
A summary of the saved setting are shown below: Calibration gain current setting : CALIbrate:CURrent:GAIn Calibration offset current setting : CALIbrate:CURrent:OFFset Calibration gain voltage setting : CALIbrate:VOLtage:GAIn Calibration offset voltage setting : CALIbrate:VOLtage:OFFset Calibration gain current measure : CALIbrate:CURrent:MEAsure:GAIn Calibration offset current measure : CALIbrate:CURrent:MEAsure:OFFset Calibration gain voltage measure : CALIbrate:CURrent:MEAsure:GAIn Calibration offset .

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Offline User Manual Daya Bay
offline user manual daya bay
To do this, put the DrawHistoryAlg algorithm in your sequence. This will generate files in your current directory named tracks_N.dot and tracks_and_vertices_N.dot, where N is the event number. These files can be converted to displayable files with GraphViz’s dot program. Configuring Unobservable Statistics What statistics are collected and when they are collected is controlled by a collection of triples:A name for the statistics for later reference.An algebraic formula of predefined variables defining the value .

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