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- Relays - Areva -
- relays - areva -
. lead from relay to current transformer Root mean square Resistance of any other protective relays sharing the current transformer Impedance of relay neutral current input at 30In Impedance of relay phase current input.

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Digital Protection Relay
digital protection relay
LSIS protection and measurement products specializes in the protection and monitoring of electricity distribution networks, making your power distribution . family for line, motor, generator protection and monitoring offers you an integrated solution which starts with extensive protection, measurement and control functionality.

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Voltage Protection Relay
voltage protection relay
It can also be used for generators, motors and transformer protection. A fully digital user interface with bright seven-segment display. or phase-toneutral voltage, for the operation of the protection elements. Such protection elements are undervoltage low-set and high-set; overvoltage.. Besides being operated from the front panel of MU2300, this relay can also be accessed when connected to a networked system.

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Motor Protection Relay
motor protection relay
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Motor Protection Relays
motor protection relays
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