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Artikel Hasil Penelitian Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
artikel hasil penelitian universitas pendidikan indonesia
The research result conducted by Mangiman Siregar (2004) about The Relationship Between Education Administration Knowledge Owned By The Middle School Principals And Working Environment, And The Implementation of School Based Management Concepts in East Jakarta” concluded the more the principals have progressively the knowledge of education administration, the more the Implementation of School Based Management Concepts will be effective. Based on the background above, in order to reach a qualified .

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Download Artikel Jurnal Universitas Kristen Immanuel
download artikel jurnal universitas kristen immanuel
Zeithaml, 1988; 1991). Leading service firms strive to maintain a superior service in an effort to gain customer loyalty (Zeithaml & Bitner, 1996; Kandampully, 1998). The superior service inevitably leads to customer satisfaction. It is not hard to imagine while the perceived service is in accordance with the expected service, a pleasure of feeling arises (Parasuraman, Zeithaml, and Berry, 1994). There is considerable evidence that service quality is an antecedent to customer satisfaction (Woodside, .

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Fulltext Pdf Jurnal Upi Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
fulltext pdf jurnal upi universitas pendidikan indonesia
ISSN 1412-565X COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF NONFORMAL EDUCATION PROGRAMMES IN COMMUNITY LEARNING CENTRES A Case Study to Explore the Role of Community Participation in the Development of Nonformal Education Programmes in selected Community Learning Centres in Cimahi City Council West Java, Indonesia BY: Juma Abdu Wamaungo, Bace Under Supervision of; Prof. Dr.Sutaryat Trisnamansyah, MA (First Supervisor) Prof Dr.Mustofa Kamil, M.Pd; (Second Supervisor) ABSTRACT Nonformal education being any.

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Said Hamid Hasan.indd Jurnal Upi Universitas Pendidikan
said hamid hasan.indd jurnal upi universitas pendidikan
To put it in a simple way the objectives suggest that students should have knowledge about the past scientifically and this knowledge is gained through the application of historical thinkings and skills. The objectives also suggest that history education should prepare students for their roles as a citizen who loves and is proud of the country, the nation and their past achievement. Further, the objectives place history as an education media for preparing the students for their future lives. Big potential .

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Jurnal Santiaji Pendidikan (jsp)
jurnal santiaji pendidikan (jsp)
ABSTRACT This study is aimed to improve the studens’s writing ability during the teaching learning process. The Conceptual Network activities had been assumed to be able to improve the student’s ability in writing. Since the technique had been applied the students could increase their achievement both in terms of score and ability in writing aspects such as grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabularies. The subjects of the present study was IX I of SMP Negeri 3 Kuta Selatan in academic year 2008-2009..

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