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• Legal Barriers: a Public Franchise is a right granted to a firm by government that permits the firm to provide a particular good or service and excludes all others from doing the same. • Economies of Scale: In some industries, low average total costs are only obtained through large scale production. If only one firm can survive in that industry, the firm is called a Natural Monopoly. • Exclusive Ownership of a Necessary Resource: Existing firms may be protected from entry of new firms by the exclusive .

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hu1-artikel – den overordnede struktur
Abstract The study aimed at examining the relationship between gender, age, educational history and status, and big five personality dimensions (Costa & McCrae, 1992) and learning styles (Sternberg, 1988; 1997), as it pertains to course and lesson planning and design, the question of whether students’ choice of subject of study is associated with differences in learning style being of particular interest. One-hundred and sixty-two Danish university students responded to the Revised Danish Learning .

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Earlier studies have shown substantial non-uniformity in normal left ventricular (LV) myocardial function, concerning both the degree of shortening and the timing of shortening. We hypothesized that non-uniform LV function may be related to non-uniform prestretch induced by the atrial contraction. Eleven healthy human subjects were studied using MRI myocardial tagging and strain analysis. The amount of circumferential prestretch was assessed in 30 LV segments. Prestretch was defined as the difference in .

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