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1 Seminário Internacional: Desafios Do Ensino Da Atenção Básica
1 seminário internacional: desafios do ensino da atenção básica
Although there were a few experiences through the past century, only by the end of the nineties the country began a nationwide and consistent strategy for organizing the first level of the Health Care System. This papers purpose is to explain briefly the present situation of primary care in Brazil, exploring its characteristics and current challenges, as well as the context in wich its human resources development is in.

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1 F 1 28th Aug 8:30 - 10:30 Room Bio Aula Magna Earli Invited
1 f 1 28th aug 8:30 - 10:30 room bio aula magna earli invited
Unraveling mathematics-related beliefs and their impact on intentional learning Erik De Corte, University of Leuven, Belgium Learning environments for conceptual change: The role of intentional learning Stella Vosniadou, University of Athens, Greece The relationship between achievement goals and intentional learning: Individual differences and contextual effects JulianneTurner, University of Notre Dame, USA The motivational basis of powerful learning environments - Some conclusions from educational-.

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1-Newsletter 2011:aula Medica Organización Nacional
1-newsletter 2011:aula medica organización nacional
. transplant (TX) and one double-lung TX are counted as 1 TX. One heart/ lung TX is counted as 1 lung TX, 1 heart TX and 1 heart/ lung TX. Absolute number: Include all figures.

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1 P 1 30th Aug 8:30 - 10:30 Room Bio Aula Magna Symposium The
1 p 1 30th aug 8:30 - 10:30 room bio aula magna symposium the
Human factors in Web-assisted personal finance Ion Juvina, Utrecht University, The Netherlands Herre Van Oostendorp, Utrecht University, The Netherlands Learning to use a Web browser: Lessons from a two-year longitudinal study Jean-François Rouet, University of Poitiers, France Guillaume Jégou, University of Poitiers, France Sabine Metta, University of Poitiers, France Sami Limam, University of Poitiers, France The effects of scannable items on information retrieval from computer screens MichaelKickmeier,.

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Aula Fisica Da Energia:: 1
aula fisica da energia:: 1
The assessment of the wind resource available on a particular site is probably the most important process in building up a wind farm. Many details that are obvious are indeed very important: - position of the threes (Tagus parque) - name of the closest cities and villages (Galicia at Vento there is a very large wind farm ) - presence of old house or other human signs - morphology of the ground Other are very important in view of future development - presence and type of roads - presence of high voltage .

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