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Hyscharts: Um Ambiente De Autoria E Navegação
hyscharts: um ambiente de autoria e navegação
As software products, hypermedia applications and hyperdocuments can greatly benefit from models and methods capable of organizing their overall design and construction process. Conventional software development methods and techniques are not directly applicable to hypermedia application design, which differs from traditional software development processes in several features. One can mention, for instance, the needs of managing large and complex pieces of information and of combining user controlled .

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Modular Server-Based Business Game System Autoria: Roberto Max
modular server-based business game system autoria: roberto max
In the business context, it is practically impossible to obtain an isomorphic representation of the real system (KOLLER, 1969 p.26 and BOMBERG, 1981 p.14). It is important to notice that models are (simplified) representations of the reality, and therefore it is necessary to validate them to guarantee reasonable accurate results. Models are built from real systems in order to gain information about them, without the need to carry out high cost experiments with the real system (MERTENS, p.1). A good example.

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1 Brazilian Dual-Listed Stocks, Arbitrage And Barriers Autoria
1 brazilian dual-listed stocks, arbitrage and barriers autoria
Following the extant literature, our underlying hypothesis is that arbitrage events can be explained by shocks occurring on the Brazilian and the US stock markets, as well as on the R$/US$ exchange rate. We also aimed at determining factors that act as barriers to arbitrage, hampering arbitrageurs’ activity. For this purpose, we test as potential barriers: synchronicity, illiquidity, relative turnover, market capitalization, and trading costs. The methodology involves the use of time-series and cross-.

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Rituals Revisited: A New Look At Organizational Rituals Autoria
rituals revisited: a new look at organizational rituals autoria
A brief history of the study of the constructs is offered, describing how the constructed originated in the anthropology literature, later making its way into organizational theory by way of the work of Trice and Beyer. A theoretical framework concerning the components, types, and functions of rites, rituals, and ceremonies is described, attempting to unify the diverse perspectives discussed. Then, a survey of field research in organizations uses this theory as a framework, formulating propositions .

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1 The Influence Of Culture In International Business Autoria
1 the influence of culture in international business autoria
The globalization of the world economy has intensified international relationships, increasing the importance of cultural dimension. Literature has emphasized various variables that have influence over the culture of a population or a region. Many times these elements are invisible to the eyes of foreigners that travel around the world searching for new business opportunities, resulting in conflicts, problems and failures. Usually managers who take over the prevailing norms in their country, assuming they .

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