Basic Dos Commands Tutorial

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Learning Ms-Dos Basics - A Tutorial The Command Prompt Typing A
learning ms-dos basics - a tutorial the command prompt typing a
. view the contents of a directoryType the following at the command prompt: dir A list similar to the following appears: Volume.-92 10:50a COMMAND COM 53014 09-18-92 6:00a WINA20 386 9349 11-11-91 5:00a DOS 09-02.

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Matlab Tutorial Chapter Basic Matlab Commands 1.1 Basic
matlab tutorial chapter basic matlab commands 1.1 basic
. comment that MATLAB does not try to interpret as a command. First, let us write a message to the screen to. that we are beginning to run section 1.1. The command disp('string') displays the text string to the screen. disp., we set a variable equal to one. x=1 This command both allocates a space in memory for the variable x.

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Matlab Basics Tutorial Matlab Commands List
matlab basics tutorial matlab commands list
Compute the K matrix to place the poles of A-BK, see also place Set the scale of the current plot, see also plot, figure Draw the Bode plot, see also logspace, margin, nyquist1 Continuous system to discrete system Clear figure (use clg in Matlab 3.5) Convolution (useful for multiplying polynomials), see also deconv The controllability matrix, see also obsv Deconvolution and polynomial division, see also conv Find the determinant of a matrix Impulse response of discrete-time linear systems, see also dstep .

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An Irc Tutorial 1. Introduction And Basic Commands
an irc tutorial 1. introduction and basic commands
. type what you want to say or issue IRC commands. You issue IRC commands by typing on a new line something beginning. the following I will describe the more common commands used in everyday IRC life. Commands you are supposed to type will be.'t have to type many of these commands manually. You should still learn the commands properly, because often they are the only. to make your life easier. /HELP [optional command name] The first and most useful command is the on-line help built into. up a list of all commands. You can also get specific help for a command, such as /help who for the /who command.

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Basic Computer Skills Tutorial
basic computer skills tutorial
A shortcut creates a button or icon which typically stays on the desktop and when double-clicked, quickly allows you to start a program or open a file without having to go to its permanent location on your computer. To create a shortcut, open Windows Explorer or go to the Start menu, select the file or program you want to create a shortcut for, place the cursor on the icon for the file, then right-click and select Create Shortcut from the menu that pops up. The shortcut file will be created. After that, .

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