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Benda Pharmaceutical, Inc. Sec Edgar Filings Search Alert
benda pharmaceutical, inc. sec edgar filings search alert
CAUTIONARY NOTICE REGARDING FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTS This prospectus contains forward-looking statements. Such forward-looking statements include statements regarding, among other things, (a) our projected sales and profitability, (b) our growth strategies, (c) anticipated trends in our industry, (d) our future financing plans, and (e) our anticipated needs for working capital. Forward-looking statements, which involve assumptions and describe our future plans, strategies, and expectations, are generally.

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INTRODUCTION The hipposiderid genus Asellia Gray, 1838, or the trident leaf-nosed bats, most typically have three short, pointed processes on the posterior margin of their nose-leafs with two lateral leaflets on each side, rather large ears, and a high sagittal crest on the frontal part of their skulls (Tate, 1941; Koopman, 1994). This genus is a Saharo-Sindian faunal element that inhabits arid and semi-arid areas of northern and north-eastern Africa and south-western Asia (Fig. 1; cf. Koopman, 1994; .

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Benda, Bb - Comparative Criminology International Journal Of
benda, bb - comparative criminology international journal of
Abstract: The authors conducted a study of recidivism of 480 male graduates, aged 16 to 40 years, of a boot camp in the South. Discriminant analysis was used to determine what factors discriminated between three outcomes in a 3-year follow-up: (a) nonrecidivists, (b) recidivists who had committed additional crime after graduation from boot camp, and (c) parole violators. Analyses indicated that present age, age when unlawful behavior began, incarceration as a juvenile, several personality deficits, peer .

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Benda:layout 1.qxd
benda:layout 1.qxd
.; Nader and Kock, 1983; Horáček, 1991; Bates and Harrison, 1997; Benda et al., 2006). Otonycteris is a large bat reported to.

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Benda And Dunne, 1997, Stochastic Forcing Sediment
benda and dunne, 1997, stochastic forcing sediment
Sediment influx to channel networks is stochastically driven by rainstorms and other perturbations, which are discrete in time and space and which occur on a landscape with its own spatial variability in topography, colluvium properties, and state of recovery from previous disturbances. The resulting stochastic field of sediment supply interacts with the topology of the channel network and with transport processes to generate spatial and temporal patterns of flux and storage that characterize the .

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