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Modal Properties And Modal Control In Vertically Emitting Annular
modal properties and modal control in vertically emitting annular
.Abstract: The modal properties, including the resonant vertical radiation, of a type of laser . the annular Bragg resonance (ABR) are studied in detail. The modal threshold gains and the resonance frequencies of such lasers are.

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Modal And Acoustic Evaluation Of The Petrographic Properties Of
modal and acoustic evaluation of the petrographic properties of
. to relate measured responses with aggregate properties strongly affected by chemical and physical weathering. Aggregate properties such as mineralogy, porosity, and grain. Pin System measurements, impact frequency response functions and some aggregate properties for samples originating from the same quarry. Similarities & differences.

Language: english
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Modal Properties Of Recursive Programs Work In Progress
modal properties of recursive programs work in progress
Language: english
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Property Identities And Modal Arguments
property identities and modal arguments
. the work of David Lewis. And Lewis did respond to modal arguments by questioning Kripkean metaphysical and semantic views. But Kripke advanced three modal arguments: one targets type identity claims such as the claim. their bodies. And Lewis developed two very different responses to modal arguments: he defended the type identity claim by denying that.

Language: english
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Modality And Topographic Properties Of Single Neurons Of Cat'S
modality and topographic properties of single neurons of cat's
.THE PRESENT PAPER describes some observations upon the modality and topographical attributes of single neurons of the first somatic .

Language: english
PDF pages: 27, PDF size: 4.46 MB
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