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boas práticas sector público
Most states are considering plans to reform tenure, boost pay for the best teachers, implement pay-for-performance and pursue other means of ratcheting up teachers’ effectiveness. School districts are also ripe for technological innovation, as California is trying to prove with its effort to shift to online textbooks in hopes of slashing the $350 million it spends annually on the paper kind. Georgia and Virginia, meanwhile, are providing every student access to online advanced placement courses. Math and .

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boas práticas de gestão do conhecimento em empresas da europa
In 1997 the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), in partnership with CIBIT and the American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC), undertook a Benchmarking Study Project searching for Good Practice in the area of Knowledge Management. At the time this was probably the first Benchmarking Project on Knowledge Management driven from a Pan-European perspective. In the subsequent five years many more organizations have come to recognize the importance of Knowledge Management as a key enabler .

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conservaçao boas práticas
Given the large areas covered by these reserves they can play an even more important role than Protected Areas in the conservation of the Lynx. Despite this, a trend has been detected in some reserves in Spain for an intensification and monopolization of land use for hunting, with attempts to increase the density of game species. This results in estates abandoning other activities like the production of cork, pruning, charcoal production, extensive agriculture and livestock raising and bee-keeping. The .

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