Briggs And Stratton Repair Manual 2hp Motors Model 60102

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If shipping damage to the unit is discovered or suspected, observe the following guidelines in preparing a shipping damage claim.Write down a description of the damage or the reason for suspecting damage as soon as it is discovered. This will help in filling out the claim forms later.As soon as damage is discovered or suspected, notify the carrier that delivered the shipment.Arrange for the carrier's representative to examine the damage.Fill out all carrier claims forms and have the examining carrier sign.

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• A rotary knob (B) in the upper center portion controlling the movement of air within the cab. This control is continuously variable through five modes (clockwise from left): - Panel - Panel/Floor - Floor - Defrost/Floor - Defrost • A rotary knob (C) in the upper right portion controlling the air temperature.

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Air Conditioning System Your vehicle may be equipped with either of two air conditioning systems. Cab interior air is continuously recirculated and cooled by these systems. In both systems, the compressor, receiver-dryer, and condenser are located in the engine compartment. (Note: In some applications, the condenser may be mounted on the cab roof.) In one system, the evaporator and blower are located inside the heater unit, under the passenger dashboard. Controls for this system are located in a modified .

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E warrant each new DURANT and STAR motor vehicle so by us to be free from defects in . shall not apply to any vehicle which shall have been repaired or altered outside of our factory in any way, so.

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