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preparations for 7th september strike in bsnl
. strike on 7-9-2010. In Chennai Telephones circle NFTE-BSNL, BSNLEU, FNTO have conducted joint campaign for the 7th September. in which more than thousand employees enthusiatically participated. Separately NFTE-BSNL conducted meetings in 8 more centres at Greams Road, Kellys. of impending proposal for disinvestment and reduction of staff in BSNL.

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bsnl recruited ttas-what bsnleu did and doing for them
. their pension. It was clarified by the management that the BSNL recruited are having a pension scheme as a part of the EPF.(BSNL It was also clarified that a new pension scheme can be formulated by BSNL for them if they opt out of the EPF pension. the pension fund in case a separate pension scheme for BSNL recruitees has to be available. These issues are being studied. of increasing the ceiling on payment of Gratuity for the BSNL recruitees was discussed in the wage negotiations. It was clarified.

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