Buku Pendekatan Guided Note Taking

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Effective Reading And Note-Taking
effective reading and note-taking
In English, vowels are longer, louder, and often higher in pitch when they are in stressed (accented) syllables than when they are in unstressed syllables. In addition, if adding an ending to a word causes the stress to shift from one syllable to another, some of the vowels in the word may change more drastically and actually become different phonemes. These changes are often not reflected in spelling. For example, when the word declare is used to make the word declaration, the stress changes: the first .

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Cognitive Effort During Note Taking
cognitive effort during note taking
. analysed different contextual factors that affect note taking (for a review, see Piolat et al., 2003). When taking notes from lectures, students are very., changes in prosody, notes on the blackboard, explicit instructions for taking notes, etc.; see Isaacs, 1994; Titsworth, 2001). When taking notes from written documents, typographic., & Lorch, 2001). Notes: Summarized products with different formats Note taking is often realized under severe time pressure. To take notes quickly, it is necessary.

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Part Overview Detection Note Taking And
part overview detection note taking and
DWI INVESTIGATION FIELD NOTES One of the most critical tasks in the DWI enforcement .

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Teaching The Craft Note-Taking
teaching the craft note-taking
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Methods Observation, Interview, Note Taking
methods observation, interview, note taking
.Targeted note‐taking: Focus can be on objects, people,  events, place. (Blomberg et .

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