Bumi Manusia (pramoedya Ananta Tour)

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Tentara Nasional Indonesia, or Indonesian National Army 5 Ndoro refers to the Javanese aristocratic class. ^ Amir Sjarifuddin was Minister of Defense and later Prime Minister of the Indonesian Republic before joining Musso in opposition to the Sukarno government. He was a leader of the Socialist Party (PS) in the early Republican period and organized some of the revolutionary youth factions (badan peήuangaή) that were active against the incoming Dutch forces. During this period, there was often fierce .

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The Objective of Study The writer’s purposes of the writing are:To summarize “Bumi Manusia.”To review “Bumi Manusia” on how Indonesian especially the main character Minke face and struggle from challenge for their nationalism in the middle of Dutch colonialism. The review also includes some moral values and themes that we can grab from the novel.To provide brief and sequence review between “Bumi Manusia” and the rest of the tetralogy novels; “Anak Semua Bangsa,” “Jejak Langkah,” and “Rumah Kaca.”

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