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viii) The management has been considering a change from marginal costing approach to absorption costing approach. It is agreed to absorb all cost variances and inventory adjustments in cost of goods sold. REQUIRED: (a) Show the calculation of the standard cost per unit of product. ( Note: rounded to two decimal places.) (b) What are the purposes to establish a standard cost system? (c) Prepare the variance analysis of sales, direct material and direct labour.

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• • Candidates for Advanced Subsidiary (AS) certification take Papers 1, 2 and 3 (either Advanced Practical Skills 1 or Advanced Practical Skills 2) in a single exam session. Candidates who already have AS certification and wish to achieve the full Advanced Level qualification may carry their AS marks forward and take just Papers 4 and 5 in the exam session in which they require certification. Candidates taking the complete Advanced Level qualification take all five papers in a single exam session.

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