Cara Belajar Komputer Microsoft Powerpoint Tutorial

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Microsoft Powerpoint - Tutorial-Icimp-V2.pptx
microsoft powerpoint - tutorial-icimp-v2.pptx
Confidentiality: message content should be accessed by authorized users only (achieved by encryption/decryption) Authentication: sender, receiver want to confirm identity of each other (achieved using digital signature) Message Integrity: Making sure that message was not altered in transit, or afterwards without detection (achieved by hashing) Non-Repudiation: The actual sender cannot claim that he did not send the message (achieved using digital certificates) Availability: services must be accessible and.

Language: english
PDF pages: 201, PDF size: 8.8 MB
Microsoft Powerpoint - Tutorial-Orig
microsoft powerpoint - tutorial-orig
Language: english
PDF pages: 191, PDF size: 2.44 MB
Microsoft Powerpoint - Tutorial Part 2c.ppt [compatibility Mode]
microsoft powerpoint - tutorial part 2c.ppt [compatibility mode]
Language: english
PDF pages: 190, PDF size: 8.11 MB
Microsoft Powerpoint - Tutorial.ppt [read-Only]
microsoft powerpoint - tutorial.ppt [read-only]
Language: english
PDF pages: 166, PDF size: 2.89 MB
Microsoft Powerpoint - Tutorial-T4
microsoft powerpoint - tutorial-t4
Language: english
PDF pages: 164, PDF size: 2 MB
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