Cara Budidaya Udang Air Tawar

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balai pengembangan budidaya air tawar (bpbat) subang
INTRODUCTION BPBAT operational policy direction always refers to the vision and mission of the Department of Fisheries and Maritime Provinces of West Java which is "Prima in service to the community of Fisheries and Marine West Java is powerful, dynamic and independent" refers to the vision of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the "Indonesia-producing Marine products The biggest and Fisheries 2015Subang BPBAT motto "SHOTS, spectacle, SELF" Basic, Basic Tasks, and .

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efisiensi manfaat air (ema) pada budidaya padi dengan metode
One problem often faced in operation and maintenance of irrigation systems is the sedimentation in the canal which may change the flow pattern and dimension of canal and consequently affecting water flows to irrigated land. Sand trap as a controller of the sediment entering the canal must be designed in such a way in order to have optimal performance. This paper is to highlight the effect of compartment design on trapping and flushing. The parameters studied include distribution of flow velocity, sediment.

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