Century Welder Model 117 034 Owners Manual

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Congratulations, you will soon be using the most efficient controller on the market. Using this controller has the direct equivalency of increasing your charging source by approximately 3% over most other regulators.Choose a good mounting location. Even though the controller has been designed for mounting in semi-harsh locations, mounting it in a more protected environment will help to extend it's operational life.Install the NEGATIVE BATTERY SENSE WIRE from the controller's BAT- terminal to the battery .

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The menu timer allows you to change the amount of time in which a menu will timeout if no key is pressed. If no key is pressed in the amount of time set on the timer, the display will revert back to the main display. The menu timer is adjustable in increments of seconds. Press the UP key until the display reads Set menu timer? Press ENTER. The display will read “Change timeout to:” Use the UP/DOWN keys to scroll up or down to the desired timeout When scrolling in either direction, press ENTER to select .

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