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name: chin yan keat name: lu, chin yung
We have witnessed the rapid growth of mobile service industry in the past decade, riding on the advancement of mobile handset technology and the rising number of mobile phone adoptions – faster than any other technology that has existed to date. According to International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU’s) statistics, the number of mobile users exceeded three billions in 2008. It is generally believed that the next billion users will emerge at an even faster rate than before, for the uniqueness of mobile .

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yung-chin tsao shang-li chu wei-che chen wei-shin iafor
Thus, design of traffic transportation environment, in the maximum possibility, shall facilitate everyone, regardless of genders, ages and capabilities. In realistic environment, the greatest problem is doubts on positions and directions in a strange environment. Nowadays people use pedestrian guide system to recognize locations and directions in strange environment, the pedestrian guide enables make users have quicker access to roads and reduces time and energy on searching information, planning routes .

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yung chin tsao shih yin huang presenting jia huei sher iafor
1. Motivation Universal design (Universal Design, UD) Design is centred consider the idea for "in the context of maximum possible, regardless of gender, age and ability, easy for everyone to use the design of products and environments". Transport characteristics of the facility have a wide range of large users, groups, and transportation for all environments should be designed to maximize the easy to use, and to comply with the spirit of universal design. On the practice of universal design, .

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