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It emphasizes the practical application aspects of modeling. Included are results from model predictions for the clarifiers with and without modifications as well as field data measured before and after the field retrofit. 1 1.1 INTRODUCTION Why a Numerical Model for Clarifiers

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update secondary clarifiers: design, operation, and performance
. activated sludge and solids contact secondary clarifiers, much of the information is applicable to secondary clarifiers following other biological processes as well. solids capture efficiency of the secondary, or final, clarifier. Solids escaping secondary clarifiers are primarily organic, contributing substantial oxygen demand when released. concentrated return activated sludge (RAS) solids in the thickened secondary clarifier underflow are required to sustain the biochemical conversions occurring in.

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The two operations occur simultaneously in this equipment to achieve liquid-solid separation. The purpose of thickening is to increase the concentration of suspended solids of the feed, while clarification is the removal of the solid particles resulting in a clear effluent (Perry and Green (1997». However, before this operation can be understood, an explanation of the flocculationlcoagulation process, which is at the heart of this unit operation, is required.

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. same mixed liquor characteristics. The results showed that the deeper clarifiers had more capacity to accept inventory transfers during wet weather. existing clarifiers, 2) performance limitations of clarifiers, 3) effects of clarifier modifications that can potentially improve performance and increase their capacity, and 4) design considerations for new clarifiers.

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