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Code Of Practice Three, Issue 5 - Version 9.0
code of practice three, issue 5 - version 9.0
.FOREWORD This Code of Practice defines the minimum requirements for the Metering Equipment required for . does not exceed 10MVA. For the purpose of this Code of Practice the rated circuit capacity in MVA shall be determined by. assessment. BSCCo shall retain copies of, inter alia, the Code of Practice together with copies of all documents referred to in them. the provisions of the Balancing and Settlement Code (the Code).SCOPE This Code of Practice states the practices that shall be employed, and the facilities.

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Part 5 Local Code Of Practice On Planning Decisions
part 5 local code of practice on planning decisions
. Borough Council to up date and revise the previously published Code. Everything that you need to know about conduct and procedures. in this Code. This Code aims to provide clear guidance when making planning decisions. In addition the Code aims to provide good practice to. decisions openly, impartially, and for reasons that are justified. The Code will apply at all times when involved in the planning.

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Engineering Code Of Practice Part 2 Section 2.5 Water Supply
engineering code of practice part 2 section 2.5 water supply
. Hygiene A water reticulation facility shall: a) Deliver . the water supply performance criteria of the New Zealand Building Code. Capacity and Layout A water reticulation facility.) Meet the fire protection requirements of the NZ Fire Service Code of Practice for Fire Fighting Water Supplies c) Be located in., and separating trunk main supplies from local reticulation. f) Where practical utilise mechanical, electrical, alarm and telemetry equipment which is compatible.

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Appendix 5 To Commercial Television Industry Code Of Practice
appendix 5 to commercial television industry code of practice
Applying these Guidelines to Films Broadcast on TelevisionOverview Films (as defined in Clause 2.3.3) are classified according to these Guidelines, subject to B, C and D below. When broadcasting a film, television licensees may modify the film using these Guidelines to ensure that the film is suitable for broadcast on television at particular times.Some classification categories not permitted on television The Guidelines reproduced in full below describe R & X (Restricted) classification categories .

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Comments On The Draft Human Tissue Authority Codes Of Practice 1 To 5
comments on the draft human tissue authority codes of practice 1 to 5
We have not included questions on licensing in this response, anticipating that they will form part of a future consultation process. We do however recommend that the new procedures should be closely integrated with existing inspection processes (such as those of Clinical Pathology Accreditation Ltd) so as to minimise cost and maximise efficiency.There are many respects in which the issues involved in tissue transplantation are not adequately considered here; ‘transplantation’ frequently seems to refer .

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