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kontes robot sepak bola indonesia (krsbi) 2013
Around the eld of play (Figure 1) a eld zone is dened on site in which only the referee (Section 5), the assistant referees (Section 6) and the two robot handlers are allowed to stay during the game. All persons in the eld zone must be clothed in black or dark-grey below the waist including the feet. The eld zone must give sucient space to the referees and robot handlers for passing behind the landmark poles and the goals. All other people (including other team members, organizational sta, representatives.

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istimewa hal pengajuan perubahan judul skripsi kepada yth
. Jurusan/ Smstr: Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris/ IXB Bermaksud mengajukan perubahan judul skripsi, dari judul semula: ”An Analysis of the Functional Expressions on Look Ahead., bersama ini saya lampirkan:OutlineAbstract, danDaftar Pustaka Sementara Demikianlah perubahan judul skripsi ini saya ajukan, dengan harapan Bapak berkenan menyetujuinya. Atas segala.

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