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Jurnal Pendidikan 2004, Universiti Malaya 61 Teachers' Orientation
jurnal pendidikan 2004, universiti malaya 61 teachers' orientation
ABSTRAK Kajian ini menguji secara empirikal satu model teoretikal ten tang orientasi guru terhadap penyediaan nota pelajaran yang dicernakan sebagai didasari oleh tiga dimensi bebas. Prosedur persampelan ram bang dijalankan di 28 buah sekolah menengah, melibatkan 749 guru terlatih yang dipilih dari populasi seramai 2296 guru. Sejumlah 15 item diuji daripada satu instrumen yang telah digunakan dalam kajian terdahulu; setiap item dijangkakan berkaitan dengan satu daripada tiga orientasi berkenaan. Hasil ana.

Language: english
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Jurnal Pendidikan 2004, Universiti Malaya 19 Managing The Impact
jurnal pendidikan 2004, universiti malaya 19 managing the impact
Within the last three decades, there has been so much clamor over the failure of formal school systems. Although disagreements may exist on parameters for determining education failure, for universal acceptability, sociological dimensions for educational success often hinge on schools' ability to perpetuate desired communal culture while changing undesired ones, as society renews itself (Rudy, 1965; Ukeje, 1986; Maduewesi, 1993; Onuchukwu, 2001). Conver~y school failure is then viewed against the schools'.

Language: english
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Jurnal Santiaji Pendidikan (jsp)
jurnal santiaji pendidikan (jsp)
ABSTRACT This study is aimed to improve the studens’s writing ability during the teaching learning process. The Conceptual Network activities had been assumed to be able to improve the student’s ability in writing. Since the technique had been applied the students could increase their achievement both in terms of score and ability in writing aspects such as grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabularies. The subjects of the present study was IX I of SMP Negeri 3 Kuta Selatan in academic year 2008-2009..

Language: english
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Contoh Isi Jurnal - Knowledge Management Strategy For Virtual
contoh isi jurnal - knowledge management strategy for virtual
Language: english
PDF pages: 18, PDF size: 0.23 MB
Contoh Isi Jurnal - It Maranatha
contoh isi jurnal - it maranatha
Language: english
PDF pages: 11, PDF size: 0.25 MB
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