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Many people in the world have concerned about the issue of children problem, such as the probem of children slavery, children jurisdiction, sexual abuse on children, and street children. Those matters have also reflected on various international documents related to the protection of children rights. At last there are 16 documents related to children problem, such as United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for The Administration of Juvenile Justice, Resolution of United Nation General Assembly 1985, The Use.

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Micro level, which is factor related to children and their family; (2) Mezzo level, which is factor in group environment such as peer groups and school mates; and (3) Macro level, which is factor related to macro structure such as wider social environment including social policy related to street children. In micro level, the factors can be identified from related children and family, and special factor such as running off their family, being asked to work part -time because they are still studying or .

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Image regression (IR) based on pseudo-invariant features (PIF) is preferred consider that it is used to reduce variability throughout image other than land cover changes (Phua and Tsuyuki, 2006) and possible to know the uncertainty level of developed model. It works by using one image as reference and adjust the brightness of the rest image to match the reference. The dark object method was carried out upon Landsat images 2006 which is assigned as referenced data of normalization. Even the image was .

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