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. to create safety, it is unfortunately necessary to racially profile Arabs and Muslims. The closing arguments center on defining the U. be safe. Importantly, Mr. Furst draws a parallel between barring Arabs from flying on airplanes and segregating African Americans from the.

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It is regarded by many as the most important genre of literature on account of its portrayal of man in words and in deed. It is actually the most authentic of them in the portrayal of the strength and weakness of mankind. For a play to succeed, it must have a good plot, well-formed characters, a language that is appropriate to each character, a message which is discernible when the play is viewed totally, and a conscious commitment to lofty ideals that can help sustain the humaneness of mankind59.

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translating algerian arabic drama into english: an intercultural
La médiation entre deux langues et/ou cultures transcende la compétence linguistique du traducteur. C'est une pratique qui est bien nourrie par un dialogue interculturel entre des gens qui veulent aller au-delà de l'altérité. Cependant, des paramètres tels que l'aspect onomastique et l'histoire de l'auditoire cible sont à considérer pour éviter tout 'clash' culturel. Ce dernier, je crois, pourrait être amorti grâce à la technique d'adaptation qui est appliquée dans le présent article à deux pièces .

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