Contoh Proposal Skripsi Hukum Pidana Korupsi

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Proposal Skripsi
proposal skripsi
$student = new Student(); while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { $student->nomor_induk = $row['nomor_induk']; $student->nama = $row['nama']; $student->kelas = $row['kelas']; $student->alamat = $row['alamat']; } mysql_close($con); return $student; } /** * Menambah data baru seorang murid dan mengembalikan status penambahan. * @param Student * @return string */ public function addStudent($student) { //tambah student baru $con = mysql_connect("localhost","root","".

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Hukum Pidana Belanda Guest Lecture Fakultas Hukum Uii
hukum pidana belanda guest lecture fakultas hukum uii
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Contoh Proposal Besi - Free Web Hosting With Php, Mysql And Cpanel
contoh proposal besi - free web hosting with php, mysql and cpanel
Logam besi merupakan bahan baku penting yang memasuki hampir seluruh industri didalam negeri Indonesia selama berabad-abad hingga sekarang. Pada saat ini, besi dipakai sebagai bahan dasar untuk konstruksi beton bangunan, jembatan dan juga peralatan rumah tangga, tranportasi seperti kereta api, mobil, sepeda motor dan lain-lain.

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Perbandingan Hukum Pidana
perbandingan hukum pidana
• (a) Comparison of foreign systems with the domestic system in order to ascertain similarities and differences; • (b) Studies which analyse objectively and systimatically solutions which various systems offer for a given legal problem; • (c) Studies which investigate the causal relationship between different systems of law; • (d) Studies which compare the several stages of various legal systems; • (e) Studies which attempt to discover or examine legal evolution generally according to periods and systems..

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Cyber Crime Dalam Perspektif Hukum Pidana
cyber crime dalam perspektif hukum pidana
The Cyrus Cylinder: 538 BC, the King of Persia, Cyrus or Kourosh-e Kabeer issued a declaration, inscribed on a clay barrel known as the Cyrus Cylinder It contains an account of his victories and merciful acts, as well as a documentation of his royal lineage the cylinder of Cyrus is sometimes referred to as the "first charter of human rights ,“ it states that the Persian Empire freely lets the people of the empire practice their own religious beliefs. The cylinder also introduces such concepts as the .

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