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• NOMINAL HOMOGENEITY TEST In a CGE model, you cannot have all prices endogenous ==> a CGE model cannot solve for absolute prices ==> You cannot determine that P(‘rice’) > P(‘clothes’) ==> You can only say that p_P(‘rice’) > p_P(‘clothes’), where p_ is percentage change. A CGE Model can only solve for relative price, all prices are stated relative to a numeraire ==> To check nominal homogeneity, shock the numeraire, let’s say by 1.444% then all prices and nominal variable will rise by 1..

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From a philosophical approach to the field of Islamic finance has become the authority of religious courts settlement meant that Islamic economics is only subject to the laws of Islam. The provisions of Law No. 2 of 1986 jonto Law Number 8 Year 2004 jonto Law Number 49 Year 2009 concerning the General Court, stating that there are certain matters under the authority of the judiciary in a religious court (the principle of lex specialis). If both are against the principle of lex specialis is a special .

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