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Indonesia is a developing country, and now is active to exert in increasing the living of society. As we know the most dominan of society defaction in Indonesia is the small defaction, it is mean there are still have a weak ofeconomic level. The problem about modal is the most problem that influence the economic of society and generally indicate in the small industry and agriculture sectoral and inclining located in distret and rural area. Our government still exert to over corne by suggesting to .

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joice kalundas: studi sosial ekonomi masyarakat dalam usu
Taking of sample si conducted toward those customer whose participated in service of Pawnshop agent is done" Rar .dom Sampling" . Total respondents is 50 people enc tae interview is conducted by using a questionnaire that it has been prepared by priiry for them. A I claw. collected is previously tabulated in the to analyse what devices such as Ordinary Least Square ( OLSBy using that analysis tool, all hypothesis that submitted is finally obtained a result or, this study that is the community .

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