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The basic form of human understanding is the process which the mind grasps a unique thought by comparing terms already acknowledged, Lakoff and Johnson as cited on (Van Dijk, 1997, pp. 172-173). Keraf (2008,139) says “Metaphor is kind of analogy that compares two things directly, but it is in the brief form”. So it is the analogy with juxtaposition of dissimilar things. He says that as the direct analogy, metaphor does not use the word such as like, as, and etc. These are the example: “Pemuda adalah bunga .

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teks british council, pidato politik, connexions, dan
. Sport to Spices” (Bulletin British Council, Edisi Oktober-Desember 2007) Teks Bahasa Inggris There are a lot of interesting things that.

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