Control De Las Emociones

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Salud Mental. Neurobiología De Las Emociones Morales
salud mental. neurobiología de las emociones morales
This work presents a critical review of the historical, theoretical, and neurobiological bases of the theory of moral emotions. Neuroimaging methods and protocols used to study the neural correlates of moral emotions and the analysis of the brain functions involved in their processing, permit the formulation of hypotheses that attempt to understand some emotional and cognitive processes related to moral emotions. One such hypothesis refers to a neuro-matrix involving sensory systems, brainstemmediated .

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Estrategia De Control Total De Especies Invasoras En Las Islas
estrategia de control total de especies invasoras en las islas
. TOTAL CONTROL OF INTRODUCED SPECIES • • The Regulation of Total Control, 2003, has twelve objectives which together define the concept of tot al control of introduced species; The objective of total control. in the Galapagos Islands” • In order to achieve the total control of introduced species, three strategic directions are proposed: o Prevention.

Language: english
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Control De Plagas Y Malezas Por Enemigos Naturales / Referencias
control de plagas y malezas por enemigos naturales / referencias
Language: english
PDF pages: 168, PDF size: 1.57 MB
Controle De Qualité Des Farines Cérealières Mises Sur Le Marché Au
controle de qualité des farines cérealières mises sur le marché au
Language: english
PDF pages: 118, PDF size: 3.14 MB
Controle De Areia Em Poços De Águas Profundas - Minicurso Controle
controle de areia em poços de Águas profundas - minicurso controle
Language: english
PDF pages: 37, PDF size: 3.11 MB
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