Cotation Fonctionnelle

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Fonctionnelles D'Energie Non-Empiriques Pour Structure Nucleaire
fonctionnelles d'energie non-empiriques pour structure nucleaire
There are so many people I’d like to thank that this would require at least an additional tome and yet this section would remain incomplete. Being not as prolixe as some of my fellow PhD students, I really hope that no one will hold me any grudge if this foreword pales with respect to the sheer size of this manuscript. I am pretty sure that Jean-Fran¸ois will understand if my first lines of acknowledgements c are for Thomas, who would have deserved more recognition than the unofficial ”Co-Director” title that.

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Etude Fonctionnelle Protéine Associée Aux Microtubules
etude fonctionnelle protéine associée aux microtubules
XMAP215/ch-TOG are members of an evolutionary conserved family of microtubule-associated proteins (MAPs), the XMAP215/Dis1 family. This family of proteins plays a key role in the regulation of the microtubule (MT) cytoskeleton, particularly during the cell division. In humans, ch-TOG is the colon-hepatic tumor overexpresed gene, a protein whose sequence was originally reported from blastic cells and from several forms of cancer. A few members of the XMAP215/ch-TOG family have been found to be present in .

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Caractérisation Fonctionnelle Des Complexes Contenant Gcn5
caractérisation fonctionnelle des complexes contenant gcn5
Accurately regulated transcription is a prerequisite for many key aspects of the life of an organism. Thus, transcription is tightly controlled by multiple regulatory layers. GCN5 is a member of the Histone Acetyl Transferase (HAT) family that are part of the chromatin modifier complexes. These complexes tune transcription by acting on chromatin states through the addition of post-translational modifications on histones. HATs deposit acetyl groups on histone tails that is believed to favour chromatin .

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Interactions Fonctionnelles Dans Les Ganglions De La Base - [tel
interactions fonctionnelles dans les ganglions de la base - [tel
La méthode présentée dans la première partie de cette thèse est une nouvelle approche à ce problème qui décrit les potentiels d’action à l’aide des équations différentielles avec perturbation caractérisant la variation interne de leur forme. Le logiciel permettant le tri de potentiels d’action non supervisé développé à partir de cette méthode comprends un algorithme automatique d’évaluation d’étalons de classes et de leurs rayons. La seconde partie présente l’application de la méthode à l'analyse de l'.

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Analyse Fonctionnelle Rôle Chromatine Dans Ird
analyse fonctionnelle rôle chromatine dans ird
In asexual reproduction by seed, or apomixis, female gametes avoid meiosis and double fertilization, developing by parthenogenesis offspring that are genetically identical to the mother plant. It has been hypothesized that apomixis could be a temporal or spatial deregulation of the sexual reproductive pathway. Our objective was to determine the role of chromatin dynamics during plant reproduction, and in the molecular switch between sexual reproduction in maize, and apomictic development in maize-Tripsacum.

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