Curso De Analisis Volumen 2 Elon Lages Lima

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curso de análisis estad´ıstico de datos composicionales
These notes have been prepared as support to a short course on compositional data analysis. Their aim is to transmit the basic concepts and skills for simple applications, thus setting the premises for more advanced projects. One should be aware that frequent updates will be required in the near future, as the theory presented here is a field of active research. The notes are based both on the monograph by John Aitchison, Statistical analysis of compositional data (1986), and on recent developments that .

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iii curso internacional de análisis armónico en andalucía spaces
Abstract: We will pose several situations in analysis where some classes of smooth functions play a fundamental role. In connection with the study of Laplace equation, we shall analyze the behaviour of the fractional integral operator on Lp spaces, where BMO and Lipschitz spaces arise in a natural way. As a generalization, we will present and study a family of spaces introduced by Spanne. In particular we will be interested in identifying those members of the family containing only continuous functions. .

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curso: análisis económico para la toma de decisiones empresariales
Language: english
PDF pages: 11, PDF size: 0.03 MB
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