Daftar Database Kategori Ii Kabupaten Mojokerto

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dtc database (obd-ii trouble codes)
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it6403 - database systems ii ×
(c) Consider the following schema. Employee(Eid, Ename, Salary, Age, Did) Department(Did, Dname, Floor, Mgrid) Finance(Did, Budget, Expenses) Assume that each Employee record is 40 bytes long, each Department record is 25 bytes long, and each Finance record is 20 bytes long on average. There are 50,000 tuples in Employee and 5,000 tuples in Department. The file system supports 2,000 byte pages. Each employee is working for one department. Assume uniform distribution of values with respect to any given set.

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it6403 - database systems ii - structured question paper with
(c) Consider the following schedule where ri, wi and ci mean the read, write and commit operations respectively of the transaction Ti. r2(x), w3(x), c3 ,w1(y), c1, r2(y), w2(y), c2; Assume that T1, T2, T3 have timestamps 1, 2, 3 respectively. Explain whether the above schedule could be executed using timestamp ordering. (03 marks) ANSWER IN THIS BOX This schedule can be executed using timestamp ordering. When w(x) is issued by T3, r(x) = 2 – no conflict When r(y) is issued by T2, w(y) = 1 – no conflict .

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motor insurance database phase ii 4 eu motor insurance directive
. developed a vehicle data collection service for the Motor Insurance Database (MID) which is being rolled out to a number of.

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