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The Use Pronominal Case English Sentence Interpretation
the use pronominal case english sentence interpretation
. adult English native speakers’ processing of sentences in which pronominal case marking conflicts with word order. Previous research has shown that English speakers rely heavily on word order for assigning case roles during sentence interpretation. However, in terms of cue reliability measures, we should expect English pronominal case to be. ungrammatical sentences in which case competes with word order. The results indicated that word order remains the strongest cue in English, even.

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Chinese Learners' Use English Existential Sentences:
chinese learners' use english existential sentences:
. In view of the existential sentences’ significant role and the difficulties that Chinese learners (CL) have in using them, the writer conducted this corpus-based research to investigate the characteristics of existential sentences used by CL. By comparing learner corpora with a native one, the writer aimed to explore the using differences of the existential sentences. Chinese learners and natives tend to use the standard forms and variant 1 of existential sentences, no matter the positive patterns or.

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Sentence Alignment Of Hungarian-English Parallel Corpora Using A
sentence alignment of hungarian-english parallel corpora using a
.We present an ecient hybrid method for aligning sentences with their translations in a parallel bilingual corpus. The new . composed of a length-based and anchor matching method that uses Named Entity recognition. This algorithm combines the speed of length. of nding cognates for Hungarian-English language pair is extremely low, hence we thought of using a novel approach that includes Named. selected anchors it was found to outperform the best two sentence alignment algorithms so far published for the Hungarian-English language pair.

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Pdf - Use Of Photographs In Three Malaysian English Dailies
pdf - use of photographs in three malaysian english dailies
. editors in English dailies highlight the negative photographs which are mostly published in big size. This study found that, in Malaysian English dailies, nearly. so remarkable in political headlines. It was found that Malaysian English dailies use international sources to cover Asia-Pacific news while this region.

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A Syntactic Analysis Of Imperative Sentence Used In English
a syntactic analysis of imperative sentence used in english
. words. By doing this, he can maximally make a description using phonetic form and formal analysis. By those developments, it can. Latin and ignoring the characteristics differences between languages, d.) it uses logic and philosophy in solving the language problems, e.) it.

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