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students' physical activity level pendidikan dasar
Data were collected from 3 units of PE classes for 2nd graders at H elementary school in Ibaraki Prefecture, and from 1 unit of PE classes for 3rd graders at Z elementary school in Saitama Prefecture (Japan). The classes were videotaped using 6 seconds observe-record interval (ALT format), and evaluated using 2 measures: (1) students’ FCE, and (2) Lifecorder. Results indicated that: (1) the students’ PAL was averagely 2146 steps, 1.89 levels of intensity, and 72.2 % of A2 episodes for MV-PAL engagement; (2.

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good practice special education japan pendidikan dasar
In order to reach a success, it is necessary to learn from other countries that are successfully implementing special education. Japan has excellent educational achievements and high-quality basic education facilities for all children.Special Education in JapanLegislation of Special Education The Japanese government puts high priority on education for the people with disabilities and provides them with special education based on their needs. There are many laws that guide the implementation of special .

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