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Similarity-Based Retrieval Time-Series Data Using Database
similarity-based retrieval time-series data using database
. patterns while exact match queries search over the time series data by specifying exact values and detailed temporal information. In this. histograms can effectively find the patterns in time series data as well as answer exact match queries, even when the data contain noise, local time shifting, local time scaling, amplitude shifting .

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Object Databases Object Data(base) Management Group Odmg: New
object databases object data(base) management group odmg: new
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Vision-Based Web Data Records Extraction Database Group
vision-based web data records extraction database group
The focus of this edition of the workshop is on fundamental issues in Web services and applications. Specifically, the WebDB Program Committee selected for publication 11 papers among 48 submissions covering the following topics of interest:

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Inter-Database Data Quality Management: A Relational-Model Based
inter-database data quality management: a relational-model based
I would like to thank my thesis advisor, Professor Richard Wang, for his time, advice, and encouragement to the project. I would also like to thank my group members, Rith Peou and Ed Hwang, for their help and support. Many thanks to Theodore Tonchev, for his timely assistance to any computer problems and patience to decipher the help manual and error messages. Thanks to John Fan for his continual interest in my work and comments on my drafts of the thesis. Also thanks to my hall members for their attempts.

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Ontology-Based Data Sharing P2p Databases Dblab
ontology-based data sharing p2p databases dblab
. consider peer-to-peer systems in which peers share structured data through the use of schema mappings. Peers express their queries.

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