Definisi Keberkesanan

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Keberkesanan Periklanan Di Internet
keberkesanan periklanan di internet
This study is carried out to identify the potential of Internet as a medium to promote advertising in Malaysia. The objectives of this study are: first, to examine the relationship of the Internet users’ demographic background and their decision and acceptance of advertising through the Internet. Second, to identify the relationship of the unique features of Internet which includes interactive and hypermedia, with the decision to expose oneself to Internet advertisement. Third, to relate the advertising .

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Definisi Teknik Industri
definisi teknik industri
Manajemen: Proses membuat sesuatu terjadi secara efektif dan efisien melalui dan dengan orang lain (the process of getting things done, effectively and efficiently, through and with other people). Efisiensi: berarti mengerjakan tugas dengan benar, mengacu pada hubungan antara masukan dan luaran, berusaha meminimasi biaya sumber daya (means doing the task correctly; refers to the relationship between inputs and outputs; seek to minimize resource cost). Efektifitas: berarti mengerjakan tugas yang benar, .

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Definisi Ekologi
definisi ekologi
Language: english
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Definisi World Class University Mb-Ipb
definisi world class university mb-ipb
Language: english
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Definisi Kurikulum 2003 Itb
definisi kurikulum 2003 itb
Language: english
PDF pages: 10, PDF size: 0.64 MB
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