Desarrollo Psicosocial De Erikson

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Desarrollo Psicosocial
desarrollo psicosocial
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El Desarrollo Económico De La América Latina Y Algunos De Sus
el desarrollo económico de la américa latina y algunos de sus
Language: english
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El Tema De Genero En La Praxis Del Desarrollo: Analisis De
el tema de genero en la praxis del desarrollo: analisis de
Achieving gender symmetry in rural areas is an important target for the European Union. There is no shortage of talent, ideas and energy amongst women in rural areas, nor are there legal constraints. However, a range of cultural obstacles still stand in the way of their full participation in rural development (the persistence of traditional views about women’s and men’s roles in society, etc.) particularly in the Mediterranean areas. The integration of equal opportunities will no longer be a choice, but .

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Redalyc. Funcionamiento Psicosocial De Pacientes Esquizofrénicos
redalyc. funcionamiento psicosocial de pacientes esquizofrénicos
Background: Between 1% and 1.5% of the world population is affected by schizophrenia. In Mexico, it has been estimated that between 619,550 and 1,239,101 (1-2%) individuals suffered from schizophrenia in 2000. The condition is more common among male teenagers and young adults. The main features of schizophrenia are the positive and negative symptoms closely associated with a psychosocial functioning impairment. In addition, between 25% and 80% of the psychiatric population uses addictive substances, with .

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Desarrollo De Estudios De Fase I
desarrollo de estudios de fase i
This is the first edition of the Directory of Phase I Clinical Research Units in Spain. This current version has been developed with the collaboration of 19 Phase I Units within the BEST Project initiative. The BEST Project is supported by the pharmaceutical industry, and involves many public and private stakeholders for the development of a Platform of Excellence in Clinical Research of Medicines in Spain. The BEST Project is included within the Clinical Research Area of the Spanish Technological .

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