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 This Scheme represents a Multiple Effect Distillation unit consisting of 3 cells  In the last cell the produced steam is condensed on a conventional shell and tubes heat exchanger (distillate condenser) cooled by sea water.  At the outlet of the condenser, part of the warmed sea water is used as make-up of the unit, and part rejected to the sea. Brine and distillate are collected from cell to cell till the last one from where they are extracted by centrifugal pumps  The thermal efficiency of a unit is.

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.Abstract Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) that contain bioreactors for ammonia removal are not widely used .-through systems will be converted. However, knowledge of how the RAS environment affect welfare and performance of Atlantic salmon is not. RAS water chemistry be investigated. This can best be conducted in a research facility that is actually using recycle technology. However, design., a research facility of 1754 m2 ground floor area was designed for these purposes, consisting of three experimental halls, and three.

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karl williaume process modelling and energy optimization ras design
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