Documento 15 Maggio Tutorial

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Microsoft Powerpoint - 2007-03-15-Italy-Tutorial-Nonotes.ppt
microsoft powerpoint - 2007-03-15-italy-tutorial-nonotes.ppt
Language: english
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Tabs3 Billing Software Version 15.2 Tutorial
tabs3 billing software version 15.2 tutorial
The Trial Software with Sample Data program group is found under the Tabs3 & PracticeMaster program group and is always installed. Two sets of icons are included in this group: Sample Data icons and Refresh icons. Use the Sample Data icons found in this folder to access the sample data. This data can be refreshed back to its original status at any time by using the appropriate Refresh icons. Using or refreshing the sample data has no effect on your regular data files because the sample data is located.

Language: english
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Documento Tutorial (archivo Pdf) - Business Intelligence (bi
documento tutorial (archivo pdf) - business intelligence (bi
Language: english
PDF pages: 225, PDF size: 5.2 MB
Tutorial 15. Modeling Evaporating Liquid Spray
tutorial 15. modeling evaporating liquid spray
> grid /grid> modify-zones /grid/modify-zones> list-zones id name type - - -1 fluid fluid 2 atomizer-wall wall 3 central_air mass-flow-inlet 4 co-flow-air velocity-inlet 5 outlet pressure-outlet 6 swirling_air velocity-inlet 7 periodic-a wall 8 periodic-b wall 9 outer-wall wall 11 default-interior interior /grid/modify-zones> make-periodic Periodic zone [()] 7 Shadow zone [()] 8 Rotational periodic? (if no, translational) [yes] yes Create periodic zones? [yes] yes all 1923 faces matched for .

Language: english
PDF pages: 38, PDF size: 0.59 MB
Tutorial 15. Modeling Surface Chemistry
tutorial 15. modeling surface chemistry
.This tutorial assumes that you are familiar with the menu structure in . procedure will not be shown explicitly. Before beginning with this tutorial, you should read Chapter 14 of the User’s Guide. equation is used for the surface reactions modeled in this tutorial.

Language: english
PDF pages: 32, PDF size: 1.04 MB
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